Your packaging equipment is business-critical.

Downtime means wasted labor, upset customers, and lost credibility. Noritsu packagers have earned the reputation of being workhorses and our field-proven packaging systems are built to keep your pharmacy productive and efficient. All of our packaging systems use the NexusRx Software Suite, ensuring consistent operation across all models and making things easier on your staff.

Automated Strip Pouch Packaging

Compact Modular Strip Pouch Packaging

Tray system for uninterrupted production

NX Series

Speed and Capacity – The NX Series packagers feature a unique design, engineered around your workflow. Predictive software tells operators the most efficient time to add cassette or tray stock so your workflow remains continuous and highly efficient. The space-saving and ergonomic vertical drawer design stores and secures up to 400 unique oral solid NDC cassettes, and is expandable up to 1000 with our unique “U2” zone feature. The cabinet design allows for easy refilling and stock rotation, while the exclusive “Intelligent Feeder” system ensures accuracy.

Built to last – Get unrivaled speed, accuracy, and safety, without sacrificing quality. The NX Series are built from the ground up with the needs of high-demand fulfillment centers in mind, complete with custom printed patient information to keep up with the demands of locations servicing hospitals and long-term care facilities.



Unrivaled accuracy in packaging and detection systems.


Rest easy.  Noritsu packagers are built to be run hard and last long. 

In-Line Printing

Pouches are legible and highly configurable to meet the needs of your different customers.

LED Guided Tray

Add less frequently used meds and split pills easily and safely without interrupting production

NexusRx Software

Our powerful and versatile software suite works seamlessly with most major PMS front ends

NX Series Overview

NX 4000

NX 2000

Z Series

Space and Scalability – The Z Series is the latest in our line of automated strip pouch packagers, designed around the evolving needs of facilities. Compact, fast, and accurate, the Z Series is available in three configurations to meet the production and space requirements of nearly any location.

Start small and grow – Choose from the one hundred cassette Z-100, the fifty cassette Z-50, or the tray only Z. Each offers our unique space-saving slide-out cabinet design, predictive medication forecasting to minimize operational disruption, and redesigned cabinets for easy cleaning and maintenance.



A modular solution, designed to fit almost any space


The same bulletproof quality in a smaller package

In-Line Printing

Increase safety and compliance with customized easy to read packaging

Anti-Bounce Technology

Our patented build materials ensure proper pill delivery

NexusRx Software

Easily manage multiple packagers from a single location

Z Series Overview

Tray Loading System

How efficient is your workflow?  The Benjamin system works in conjunction with your NX or Z Series pouch packaging system to offer a safe, fast, and easy-to-use method to add split-dose, one-off, and less frequently used meds to your workflow.

Uninterrupted Production – Using a system of intuitive LEDs to help visualize where to place each medicine, operators can quickly and safely pre-load multiple trays while the machine is in production, making for an even more efficient working environment. Your packager will prompt operators to simply place the appropriate tray when the time is right.



Placing one medication type at a time using LED guides is safe and easy


Pre-loaded trays fit seamlessly into your production with no interruptions


Tray data, including operator info and lot numbers, are saved for reporting and follow up

Tray Loading System Overview

The benefits of strip pouch packaging reach patients, health care facilities, and pharmacies.  Whether it’s a unit-dose, multi-dose, or combination, regimen you provide to your customers, Noritsu compliance packaging systems increase efficiency and offer you peace of mind in their reliability. 

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