You need to feel confident in your blister card packaging solution.

 Our all-in-one unit and multi-dose medication blister card packaging systems offer a safe and efficient method for packaging, verifying, and dispensing medications. With user-friendly design and space-saving features, these innovative systems simplify the medication administration process, ensuring accuracy, convenience, and peace of mind. Explore further to learn more about how our blister card packaging systems can revolutionize medication management for both pharmacy technicians and caregivers alike.


BlistAssist Compact Blister Card Packaging and Verification

A new approach to improving the safety and efficiency of the manual preparation and verification of medication blister cards, the BlistAssist uses a software-driven solution to provide a simple and cost-effective system that ensures accurate preparation while reducing errors.



Streamlines manual preparation using light-guided technology.


Improved speed and accuracy during data entry with the use of a barcode scanner.


Intelligent design and workflow help reduce verification times by up to 70%


Follow medications and patients throughout the process, even tracking lot numbers and expiry dates.


Work with most major card providers and easily offer both unit-dose or multi-dose based on the needs of your facilities.

BlistAssist Overview

The Three Pillars of the BlistAssist System


A light-guided tray facilitates the tedious, time-consuming, and labor-intensive manual preparation steps, while barcodes and pill images drive the workflow, greatly improving accuracy and efficiency.


Pictures of each card are captured and stored for archiving purposes along with lot numbers and expiry dates, a feature not normally found with manually prepared blister cards


Our innovative layering process and the distinctive pill-by-pill view simplify and accelerate verification, and the ability to perform verification remotely adds even more convenience.

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