You need to feel confident in your blister card packaging solution.

 Our all-in-one unit and multi-dose medication blister card packaging systems offer a safe and efficient method for packaging, verifying, and dispensing medications. With user-friendly design and space-saving features, these innovative systems simplify the medication administration process, ensuring accuracy, convenience, and peace of mind. Explore further to learn more about how our blister card packaging systems can revolutionize medication management for both pharmacy technicians and caregivers alike.

VBM 200F

Noritsu VBM 200F Automated blister card packaging and checking

Quickly and accurately check and fill single and multi-dose medication cards with the VBM 200F blister packing machine. Medication cards are filled and checked in one streamlined process, using the same field-proven medication checking technology as our NV series verifiers. Our efficient and reliable solutions ensure that every prescription is packed correctly, while you and your staff time.



Streamline your blister card production with in-line packaging and verification in one powerful solution

High Capacity

Holds up to 200 hot-swappable medication cartridges for access to a virtually unlimited formulary


Built-in manual dispensing allows an operator to quickly and easily insert one-off orders into the workflow


Follow medications and patients throughout the process, including repacking with a full evidence trail


Work with most major card providers and easily offer both unit-dose or multi-dose based on the needs of your facilities.

VBM 200F Overview

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