Noritsu NexusRx Pharmacy control software

The NexusRx software suite is the heart of all of the Noritsu automation systems

Noritsu NexusRx ties together pharmacy management, packaging, verification, and archiving into one efficient, versatile workflow.

Imagine gaining productivity in your pharmacy while being able to offer your customers more versatility and productivity gains as well.

NexusRx software gives you the ability to store facility, ward, and patient-level preferences to allow for faster, safer med passes, while allowing pharmacy floor level changes to keep up with the reality of day-to-day pharmacy operations.

Pharmacy Advantages:

NexusRx Software uses the same user interface for all systems making it easy on your staff. Thinking about expanding? No problem. NexusRx scales with packager upgrades and load balances production over multiple packagers.

  • NDC Changes – Authorize at point of production with report reconciliation for uninterrupted production

  • GS-1 Barcode Reading – Refill cassettes fast and accurately

  • GTIN Barcode – Save valuable time, reduce data entry by up to 40 keystrokes

  • Virtual Release – Automatically checks stock levels and lists tray drugs before production starts

  • Self Contained Functionality – Run eKits, PRN’s, and Dailies on the pharmacy floor using no additional software

  • Product Control – Reduce consumable waste with short leaders

Care Facility Advantages:

NexusRx includes an ever-growing list of features built with both safety and ease-of-use in mind. Best of all, Noritsu listens! We’re constantly updating and fine-tuning based on your feedback to make sure NexusRx is the best pharmacy control software on the market.

  • Perfect pouch – configure pouches practically any way you like in order to meet the needs of facilities and regulations.  A high quality printer and media means icons, patient images, and small fonts are legible.    

  • Cycle Time Slicing – Configure med passes by patient, NDC, day of week, date and time, just about any way imaginable.

  • eMar integration – cut administration time and increase safety using a single bar code scan rather than individually recording each med administered

  • Image and data archiving of all orders – Easily retrieve images and data for any order, any pouch, any time

  • Configurable reporting for facilities – access hundreds of standard reports or configure just about any reports dreamt up by your customers

  • Unique bar code on each pouch – track individual pouches or orders through each step of your workflow


Pharmacy Software Suite

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