Pharmacy automation stands as a viable solution to alleviate the negative impacts of the 2024 DIR Initiative. By implementing advanced pharmacy automation systems, you can streamline medication dispensing, inventory management, and administrative tasks, allowing your team to dedicate more time and effort to revenue-generating activities and patient care.

Moreover, pharmacy automation contributes to freeing up cash flow by optimizing inventory management. Automated systems can track medication usage, predict demand, and minimize waste by ensuring accurate dispensing and reducing errors. By minimizing inventory holding costs and eliminating the risk of expired medications, automation helps pharmacies maintain better control over their finances and allocate resources more effectively.


How Choosing Noritsu as an Automation Partner Has Benefitted Our Customers

“Automation allows pharmacies to address customers’ needs while expanding their business reach and becoming more competitive against chain and mail order pharmacies.  Customized packaging features also improve adherence as well as ease of use for patients and their caregivers. Noritsu Pharmacy Automation offers the latest in pharmacy automation technology, including strip pouch packaging systems that reduce labor and boost efficiency. Custom multi-dose medication packages address the specialized needs of closed-door and long-term care pharmacies and help patients reach compliance goals.”

-Mick Blazier 

Pharmacy Director of Operations


“The addition of Noritsu’s technology resulted in substantial improvements in EverSpring’s production time, workflow, and overhead costs. “We were running 16-hour days on average; sometimes we were so behind, we had to run 20 or 24 hours a day with the older machines,” said Blazier. “The new machines decreased our runtime to an average of 10 hours a day and increased our output by 25% while decreasing our payroll hours by about 50%.”

“Noritsu’s automated pharmaceutical packaging technology not only allowed us to efficiently automate drug packaging but provided us with the ability to ensure accuracy. We were very impressed with Noritsu’s machinery, as well as their demonstrably strong customer support.”

-Ross Brickley

VP of Pharmacy Services

Neil Medical

In a recent interview with Pharmacy Times, Crystal Lennartz, VP, GM, Health Mart Atlas & Atlas Specialty stated that “There are changes coming in 2024 to Medicare Part D, that will really impact all pharmacies”.

Keep yourself informed on upcoming changes, and if you are ready to see how a pharmacy automation solution from Noritsu can help, drop us a line to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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