In care facilities, caregivers administer medications to patients several times daily.

Medication strip packaging is the automated packaging of individual doses for patients, which ensures the correct dose each time. As this type of packaging accommodates both unit- and multi-dose medication regimens, it can help increase patient compliance. Packagers can include pharmaceutical drugs as well as nutritional supplements.

Who Needs Medication Strip Packaging?

Strip packaging medication is useful to patients with limited mobility or eyesight problems, requiring dosing assistance because it combines every medication that needs to be taken at a time into one easy-to-open package. Patients with chronic conditions who must take multiple medications at once also appreciate the convenience of a single package with all of their medications.

Long-term care centers and correctional facilities also benefit from medication strip packaging because it ensures the correct dosage of medication for each patient. These residential care facilities can reduce the time that they spend dosing and administering each medication to their residents every day.

Benefits of Medication Strip Packaging

The benefits of medication strip packaging extend beyond the convenience of measured doses. There are fewer human errors with medication strip packaging because the doses are accurately measured and verified by computer. Additionally, there is less waste, as unused medications don’t need to be thrown out.

Improves Patient Outcomes

When patients forget to take their medication, their symptoms can often worsen. This is especially dangerous for patients with life-threatening conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, or heart disease. Medication strip packaging can help these patients stay on track by taking the correct dose of medication when required.

Additionally, as these diseases often require multiple doses of pharmaceutical drugs, it can be easy for patients to confuse how much of each medication they should take. Strip packaging medication solves this problem by printing the medication information on the label. Patients can refer to the printed information if they have forgotten how and when to take their medication.

Increases Pharmacy Efficiency

The automated systems designed for strip packaging medication quickly and accurately package prescriptions in the pharmacy. This improves pharmacy workflow, allowing pharmacists to focus on customer service and patient care. It cuts down on the pharmacy labor hours and increases the prescription output.

Uphold High Medical Standards

Pharmaceutical packaging must adhere to high medical standards to ensure that the medications are safe for the patients. Medication strip packaging preserves the stability and quality of the medications while providing a convenient dosing package. The medications are protected from spoilage and tampering in strip pouch packaging, especially from moisture and light. Each package prevents the leaching of substances into the medications.

The medication strip packaging not only ensures the quality of the medications, but also precision in the doses. Since an automated system packages the medication, it reduces the human error that can occur with distractions. The doses are accurately measured out and verified for patient safety.

Increases Pharmacy Business

A medication strip packaging service can increase your pharmacy business because it provides a simple way to differentiate your pharmacy from your competitors. The convenient packaging service gives you a competitive edge that can be used when marketing your pharmaceutical business to long-term care facilities that need an efficient method of administering medications to their residents. Additionally, strip pouch packaging provides a place to print your brand logo. This can help increase brand identification and loyalty as the patients see the branding each time they take the medication.


Features of Strip Packaging Medication Systems

Whether your pharmacy is large or small, the evolution in automated strip packaging medication machines has created a solution that will suit your business. The machines are designed to increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy while providing your customers with a convenient way to take their medication. Here are some of the benefits:

Predictive Software

To ensure that the automated medication strip packaging system operates efficiently, predictive software tells operators when it is best to add a cassette or tray stock. This ensures a continuous workflow. Noritsu’s powerful predictive software suite works seamlessly with most major PMS front ends.

Space-Saving Design

The automated medication systems feature a modular design that will accommodate even the smallest pharmacy’s needs. They feature a space-saving ergonomic vertical drawer to maximize the space that you have. The medication packagers are able to store up to 400 unique oral solid NDC cassettes and are expandable to up to 1000. The design not only fits smaller spaces but allows for easy refilling and stock rotation.

Intelligent Feeder System

One of the most important benefits of medication strip packaging is providing patients with a convenient way to take their medications as prescribed. An intelligent feeder system ensures the accuracy of the doses of the medications. It also provides the pharmacy with an uninterrupted workflow.

LED Guided Tray

There are times during which patients need less frequently used medications like a round of antibiotics added to their medication regimen or require pills that must be split. The LED guided tray allows pharmacies to safely split pills and add the infrequently taken medications to the patient’s strip pouch packages without interrupting production.  The intuitive LEDs allow the operator to visualize where to put each medication, allowing pills to be quickly and safely pre-loaded into multiple trays.

How to Get Medication Strip Packaging for Your Pharmacy

Purchasing an automated medication strip packaging system for your pharmacy is a major decision. It is best to consult with an expert to help you determine exactly which model will best fit your needs, based on your budget, space, and the design of the machine.

At Noritsu, our team of experts can help you select the right medication strip packaging solution for your pharmacy. The team will also walk you through the process of setting it up and provide you with ongoing support to fine-tune your workflow for maximum productivity. The result will be optimal savings for your business.

Whether you are new to medication strip packaging or need to upgrade your current automated strip packaging system, Noritsu has a solution that will fit your needs. We offer solutions for small retail pharmacies as well as long-term care pharmacies. Noritsu today for your no-obligation consultation.

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