LTC Pharmacies

Your pharmacy can boost productivity while offering LTC Facilities gains as well.  Noritsu can work with you to create a highly efficient production solution that will set you apart from other pharmacies. 

Central Fill Pharmacies

Open integration, high production, and extreme reliability.  Yes, yes, and yes.  Noritsu has you covered. 

Community Pharmacies

Space saving solutions that are easy to operate.  Expand your customer base into LTC, hospital, and mail order with automation.

Hospital Pharmacies

Offer easier and safer med passes with in-hospital pouch packaging in-house.  Save money using shorter cycles.  Send patients home with compliance packaging with potential to improve adherence and lower your readmission rate.

Noritsu Medical helped us increase and improve our production while providing a more than 50% reduction in our labor hours. 

We have been using Automation for more than 10 Years in our Pharmacy. With the installation of the Noritsu Medical Solution, we were able to expand our production capabilities while decreasing our workday, moving from more than 2 shifts of production to 1 shift.  They have been a great partner for us.” 

“Mick” Blazier -Director of Pharmacy, EverSpring Pharmacy

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