Xana 2040

Automated Strip Pouch Packaging in a Space-Saving Design

Need to maximize every square inch?

Enter the compact and efficient Xana 2040

With a footprint of just 6 square feet, the compact Xana 2040 can fit through most standard doorways (24”) and takes up much less overall space than other comparable packaging systems without sacrificing speed or quality. Using our patented Intelligent Cassette System, every one of the 204 unique cassettes can be actively managed for maximum formulary efficiency. When combined with our integrated tray system for non-conforming or seldom utilized medications, you have access to an almost unlimited formulary.

All of this, without skimping on features or reliability. The Xana 2040 takes advantage of the same innovative and time-saving software (FILIA) that runs our larger strip pouch packaging systems, as well as the rock solid engineering and build-quality you’ve come to expect from Noritsu and Tosho.

Xana U2040 strip pouch packager


Xana 2040 - compact pouch dispenser

Easy Access, fast exchange and management of 204 intelligent medication cassettes

Xana - precise dispensing

Integrated tray system with fill by light and RFID encoded trays makes it easy and accurate to handle one-off or non-conforming medications seamlessly directly into production

Xana - precise dispensing

Flexible High Quality printing - Include virtually any necessary data… Patient, Unique identifier, NDC, Sig Codes, etc., even a photo ID, all clearly printed on each pouch

Xana - precise dispensing

Proprietary FILIA Software with an easy to use, touch-screen management system integrated to your Pharmacy Management Software

Xana - precise dispensing

Exclusive features like our intelligent cassette tracking and management, LED prompts, RFID encoding and predictive cassette software can help transform your workflow

Xana - precise dispensing

Patented “Anti-Bounce” materials ensure a cleaner system environment and insure proper pill delivery

Bundle the Xana 2040 and the MDM1 for a compact and complete package and review system!

Xana U2040 and MDM 1 PV-2 package and review system

See the Xana 2040 in action

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