Benjamin Tray System

Quickly and easily add lesser used meds
without interrupting your workflow

How efficient is your current tray system?

The Benjamin system is built with safety, accuracy, and efficiency in mind

The Benjamin system works in conjunction with your Xana pouch packaging system to offer a safe, fast, and easy to use method for adding, split-dose, one-off and less frequently used meds to your workflow.
Large, varied formularies, and the need for providing less than full dose portions can easily become a bottleneck in your facilities workflow. Stopping production to manually load pills is inconvenient and introduces yet another area where mistakes can occur.

The Benjamin system allows you to quickly pre-load trays while the machine is in production, the Xana system will prompt your operators to simply place in the appropriate tray when the time is right.
In addition, loading the Benjamin tray is quick and easy, using a system of intuitive LED's to help operators visualize where to place each medicine in the tray. Multiple trays can be pre-loaded, making for an even more efficient working environment.

Benjamin - Tray Conveyor Checking Unit


Benajamin - visual checking

LED guides make it easy to see where to place medications

Benjamin - RFID

Trays are tracked via RFID, eliminating mistakes in dispensing

Benjamin - Traceability

Tray data, including operator info and lot numbers, are saved for reporting and follow up

Benjamin Workflow

For larger operations, you can easily add multiple Benjamin trays and a convenient tray stand to further increase productivity.

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