MDC & Repair Station

A remote interface for review, check, and verification of pouches
including pouches which have been opened and repaired

Check and verify strip pouch rolls from anywhere in your facility

The MDC, Medication Detection Check-Out, system is the heart of the verification process. It provides detailed information of the verification process, highlighting the pouches for review and allowing instant access to data for any produced pouch.

The MDC system provides a quick overview of all pouches, allowing the operator to check and clear flagged pouch strips quickly and easily. highlight flagged strips and review then visually using an attached image of each pouch.

To document the pouches that have been repaired or opened by pharmacists, the MDC can also be combined with a Repair Station. Pictures of the repaired pouches are archived and attached to the proper order for review or future reference.

MDC-Medication Detection Check Out and Repair Station


MDC - user access

Multiple user access levels allow you control over access and functions

MDM 1 - web interface

Provide accurate evidence of repaired pouches

MDC - pill combination

For added efficiency, all flagged orders can be grouped for easy visual checking

Pills which have been marked in the formulary as being risky when taken in combination can also be marked in the MDC for an added layer of security and safety

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