You can use pharmaceutical technology to transform the way you run your pharmacy. Counting pills, checking each prescription for accuracy, splitting pills by hand, and interacting with every single prescription that comes through the pharmacy are time-consuming tasks that were simply part of the job for pharmacists in the past. Today there is technology, equipment, and software available that can do many of the time-intensive tasks related to physically filling prescriptions. If you are looking for ways to save time, streamline processes, and serve more patients through your pharmacy, consider putting in a pouch packaging system.

The Benefits of Pouch Packaging for Your Pharmacy

There are a number of benefits that come with implementing a pouch packaging system at your pharmacy. Noritsu has pharmacy automation equipment and software that can fill prescriptions in pouches, split pills, and check the pouches for accuracy. Pharmacy automation can dramatically change the way you run your pharmacy and spend your resources.

Increase accuracy

Medical pouch packaging is a more accurate way to fill prescriptions. The element of human error is removed with the pouch packaging model. Implementing a process that improves accuracy allows you to provide better and safer service to your customers.

Maximize efficiency

Implementing a pouch packaging system is a way to maximize efficiency in your pharmacy. Filling prescriptions by hand requires your full attention and takes time. Once you have a pouch packaging system set up in your pharmacy, it can do the work of filling the prescriptions while you focus on other factors in the pharmacy that need your attention. It is important to note that some pouch packaging systems are more efficient than others. Carefully research any pharmacy automation systems you consider to ensure that you choose the most efficient option.

Expand capabilities

Another big benefit of implementing pouch packaging at your pharmacy is that it can help you expand your capabilities. Pharmacy automation increases efficiency which means that you can serve more patients in the same amount of time if you implement a pouch packaging system. There are even options if you want to implement pouch packaging but are low on space. Noritsu Pharmacy Automation has space saving pouch packaging equipment that can expand your capabilities and fit within your current space.

Save on costs

A pouch packaging system can help you save on costs even as you increase the number of patients that you serve through your pharmacy. In the past, if you wanted to increase the number of people you served, you had to hire more staff to handle the increased workload. Pouch packaging can significantly increase the number of patients you serve each day and can be operated without hiring additional staff.

Medication pouch packaging can also help you save on costs by allowing you to serve more people in your current space. Hiring more staff requires more space which will ultimately increase your overhead. Implementing a pouch packaging system can help you avoid those costly changes.

Types of Pharmacies that Can Benefit from Pouch Packaging

Pouch packaging can be beneficial to a wide range of pharmacies. If you own an independent retail pharmacy, you can minimize costs, serve more customers, and increase your bottom line by implementing a pouch packaging system. Medication pouch packaging can also be transformative for central fill pharmacies and those that serve clients in long-term care (LTC) facilities.

Efficiency is essential for pharmacies that serve high need populations like those found in LTC facilities. A pouch packaging system can help you keep up with the daily demands that come with being a central fill pharmacy. In addition, pouch packaging can improve compliance for patients in these facilities.

The design of pouch packaging improves compliance for patients who have complex medical needs and are required to take multiple medications at certain times throughout the day. Pouch packaging can help you reach the goals for your pharmacy whether they are related to earnings, efficiency, patient compliance, or a combination of these factors.

Evaluating Your Medical Pouch Packaging Options

There are a number of medical pouch packaging options on the market. The quality of the different equipment options can vary drastically. Underperforming equipment can be a major issue for high-volume retail and central fill pharmacies. Poorly performing equipment will leave you with bottlenecks in your workflow and fail to provide the benefits you should see from automation.

Equipment that Meets Your Unique Needs

Make it a priority to invest in equipment and software that will truly meet the needs of your pharmacy and help you reach your goals. The equipment you choose will impact how many patients you can serve and the physical space of your pharmacy. Noritsu offers a suite of strip packaging systems and auxiliary equipment designed to provide you with maximum efficiency and the latest technology that work within your current space.

Equipment that Comes with Expert Support

Look for a pouch packaging option that offers the entire package – software, strip pouch packaging equipment, auxiliary equipment such as pill splitters and medication detection machines, and expert support. A high-quality pouch packaging system can transform the workflow of your pharmacy if the equipment and process are implemented correctly.

Choose medical pouch packaging equipment and software that come with the expert support you need to get set up and keep everything running smoothly. The experts at Noritsu can help you develop a workflow that meets your needs and implement a pouch packaging system that is the right fit for your pharmacy.

The right pouch packaging system can help you take your pharmaceutical operations to the next level. Investing in pharmacy automation is a way for you to quickly and dramatically improve efficiency in your central fill, long-term care, or retail pharmacy.

The exact combination of equipment that you need depends on factors like the number of prescriptions you fill each day, the space that is available in your pharmacy, and the type of clients that you serve. You can get help choosing your equipment and establishing an efficient workflow by reaching out to the experts at Noritsu.

Pharmacy Automation Equipment Increases Efficiency

Pharmacy automation systems increase the efficiency of your pharmacy. Automated pharmacy systems quickly sort medications into pouches, verify medications, and alert pharmacists to any errors. With the right automation solutions, you can increase your speed and efficiency without moving to a larger space or hiring more staff. Find out more about automated solutions from Noritsu and how these solutions can improve your workflow.

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