A Long Term Care Pharmacy has many choices when it comes to medication administration.

Newer technologies such as strip pouch packaging, pouch inspection software, and medication detection machines allow a LTC pharmacy to offer cost-effective custom packaged medications without increasing staff capacity. At the same time, LTC facility staff enjoy easy medication dispensing and improved patient compliance.

Noritsu creates Long Term Care pharmacy solutions to help you provide excellent support for the LTC facilities you serve. Our software and hardware provide efficiency and cost savings for your pharmacy while helping you deliver fast and convenient service.

Strip Pouch Packaging Systems

Strip pouch packaging solutions automate medication measuring and packaging, reducing labor and creating a more efficient workflow within your pharmacy. The incredible boost in efficiency will also allow your pharmacy to partner with more LTC facilities without working overtime.

Packaging Solutions from Noritsu

  • The Xana Z Series strip pouch packaging machine is the latest in our line of strip pouch packaging solutions. It’s available in three configurations to meet the space and production requirements of your long-term care pharmacy. You can choose from one hundred cassette Z-100, the fifty cassettes Z-50, or the tray only Z. Each solution offers a space-saving slide-out cabinet, predictive medication forecasting to minimize operational disruption, and easy cleaning and maintenance. the Zana Z-series also offers in-line printing, including patient data and even a patient photo, all printed direction on the pouch.
  • The Xana 2040 strip pouch packaging machine is our most compact solution with a footprint of just 6 square feet. It offers easy, fast exchange and management of 204 intelligent medication cassettes. It features an integrated tray system with fill-by light and RFID encoded trays to increase speed and accuracy when handling PRN medications. It also includes proprietary FILIA Software with an easy-to-use, touch-screen management system that integrates directly with your current Pharmacy Management Software.
  • The Xana 4001U2 NA has a vertical design to save space and a large capacity that secures up to 400 oral solid NDC cassettes and can expand up to 1,000 with our unique “U2” zone feature. The cabinet design enables fast and easy stock rotation and refilling. Its intelligent feeder system guarantees accuracy, and our LED guided pill conveyor allows you to add one-off meds without interrupting production.
Noritsu Blade Pill Splitter

Pill Splitting Solutions

Are you still splitting pills by hand? Long Term Care pharmacies often dispense split doses for easy medication administration. Blade is a pill-splitting solution that every pharmacy needs. Blade is a unique pill splitting system that produces razor-sharp, accurate cuts that reduce pill dust and eliminates mistakes.

You can easily split pills for a full magazine before packaging. Just load the pills, press a button, and walk away. Save you and your technicians valuable time with this hands-free solution that easily fits on a countertop.

Noritsu MDM Pro Pouch Verifier

Pouch Inspection Solutions

Medication detection machines use patented technology to visually inspect each pouch and compare it to a custom library constructed from your own formulary. The pouches are verified with high-speed cameras ensuring that the correct pills are dispensed to the right patient. If there are anomalies, the pouch is flagged for inspection. Detection machines drastically decrease the number of pouches you’ll need to visually inspect and reduces the time spent handling the medications.

Inspection Solutions from Noritsu

  • The MDM 1 saves you time and money with automation that can image and verify up to 48 pouches per minute. Best of all, this compact machine easily fits on a countertop or table, giving you an affordable and space-saving solution that’s suitable for smaller pharmacies.
  • The MDM 2 uses high-speed cameras to check up to 75 pouches per minute. It also includes a separator unit, for more accurate first detection.
  • The MDM 3 is our most advanced medication detection machine. This state-of-the-art detection machine combines inspecting, strip pouch winding, cutting, and sorting in one efficient unit.

Finally, the Medication Detection Check-Out system and a Repair Station can help you inspect, verify, and clear flagged pouches remotely. Users can inspect and clear pouches quickly. The MDC can even be combined with a Repair Station, and it will capture and archive pictures of repaired pouches for future reference.

Custom Reports and Records

Keeping accurate records of all patient medication and pouches is part of every pharmacy’s best practices. Automated LTC pharmacy solutions provide accurate custom reports and archive patient records to meet medical record retention requirements. Our automation solutions create records of every prescription filled, so you’ll have all the information you need to review patient prescription history or pass a pharmacy audit.

Find the Right Solutions for Your Long Term Care Pharmacy

Whether you need a compact solution for dispensing medications or want a comprehensive automated system for your pharmacy, Noritsu has options that fit your budget and pharmacy space. Noritsu’s hardware and software are more efficient than what is currently available on the market, and they can fit seamlessly into your current workflow. We’ll work with you to discover the best solutions that make logical and financial sense for your pharmacy and your customer needs.

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