Xana 3002R

Remote Automated Strip Pouch Packaging
Dispense strips remotely at your network of facilities

How much is packaging and shipping costing you?

Dispense at either central or remote locations with the safe and secure Xana 3002R system.

Drastically reduce or eliminate the need for delivery routes and shipping by fulfilling orders remotely. The XANA 3002R system is a first of it's kind strip packaging system designed to be run either locally or via a secure connection at satellite locations.
Control an array of systems from one central hub, ensuring that the proper medications are always available.

Xana 3002R remote strip pouch packager


Xana - precise dispensing

Dispense either locally or at satellite locations from one interface

Xana - precise dispensing

Holds up to 300 secure rotary cassettes for a wide variety of dispensing options

Xana - precise dispensing

Proprietary OLIVE Software allows for complete control of remote systems operation and restocking

Xana - precise dispensing

Incredibly reliable, built for trouble free operation

Xana - precise dispensing

In-Line printing - Include any patient data, even a photo ID, all clearly printed on the pouch

Xana - precise dispensing

Patented "Anti-Bounce" materials ensure proper pill delivery

Reduce waste from frequent medication changes or DC's by dispensing on-location!

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